Guy Kawasaki about the importance of Sales


During the Kickstart Investor Summit, Guy Kawasaki, the chief evangelist of Canva and podcaster form the Silicon Valley, was giving a keynote speech

Guy Kawasaki during the Kickstart Investor Summit

Besides of explaining in a very honest but also funny way the top 10 lies of Start-ups and venture capitalists, he also answered the following question:                                                                                                                                  “What are the three top things a Start-up must focus on to scale?”

His answer was simple:

“The bottom line is sales. Here is a truism you can take to the bank: Sales fix everything. That is, it. Just remember that: It is all about sales. If you have sales the venture capitalist will put more money in you. (…) When you have sales, you have revenue, then you can hire, you can grow, you can take more chances, it is an upward spiral. So scaling is all about sales. If anybody tells you anything else, they are in the wrong business.”

So, when sales is fixing everything, it should be essential that every company puts a lot of energy in this area. Big companies have special sales teams with a strong focus just on sales. Start-ups on the other side don’t have yet the resources to have a dedicated sales team.

I realized in the last months that for many start-ups and smaller companies’ sales is a thing you need to do but is often not done with the necessary focus and dedication. A customer meeting or a negotiation needs a precise preparation upfront and then the results will follow.

As Guy Kawasaki said: Sales fix everything. So, you should dedicate enough resources to sales even if you are a Start-up in the early stage or a smaller company. Fair Warrior helps you to prepare for meetings and to get the basics right so that you can get the best out of your time spent with your customer. If you want to sell more successfully, reach out and meet for a 20 minutes Zoom call.