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The world is changing rapidly, and more and more people are becoming aware that this change should be sustainable and not at the expense of the weakest. Many companies create products and services that meet the requirements of fair, sustainable and non-animal production. Our vision at Fair Warrior is to support these labels in their market launch, distribution setup and expansion, or brand activation to ensure broad availability at the point of sale.

As a manager in various multinational FMCG groups such as Unilever or Kraft Foods and as a member of the executive board of Moët Hennessy – a division of the luxury group LVMH – in Switzerland, I was responsible for sales and marketing activities for clients throughout Switzerland. However, I have always asked myself how I can use my energy and ideas to make the earth a place worth living for our children and future generations.

As a Fair Warrior I support sustainable and fair labels with my know-how in sales, negotiation, strategy and management. Through my many years of work in Swiss trade, I have a large network and extensive experience.

At the origin of FairWarrior was the following experience:

In winter I was looking for a new winter jacket. The new jacket should be fairly produced and without animal materials (i.e. without leather, down, fur, wool, etc.). In the various department stores, I was met with little help regarding my inquiry, or rather a virtually non-existent offer. Via the internet I found a jacket from a label from the Netherlands, which is only available in one shop in Switzerland.

The effort for the search was enormous and very time-consuming. Just because I really wanted to have a non-animal jacket, I looked for alternatives. A consumer who is more pragmatic does not take all the effort and goes for the products that are directly available in the department store or clothing shop.

The goal of Fair Warrior is to bring a fair and sustainable alternative to the point of sale, so that the consumer can make a simple and pragmatic decision. Be it clothing, food, gastronomy or other areas.